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At Due we are creating a world where money 

is truly global, permissionless
and inclusive

We believe fair and inclusive access to money should be a universal right.

Since 2022, we’ve been working nonstop to enable fast, accessible and low-cost international money movements for businesses and individuals around the world.

Built on decentralised networks leveraging stablecoins, our platform offers multi-currency accounts, global transfers and merchant acquiring for everyone, everywhere. And with fully non-custodial accounts, you’re in full control of your assets - no more intermediaries (read: banks).

Our vision is a world where anyone, anywhere can cooperate, trade and share without friction; a world without borders.

We’re redefining global payments to enable the businesses of tomorrow.

Minimal processing fees

Pay less than 1% to process international payments instead of the 4-6% charged by traditional processors


Faster settlement

Get your payments settled instantly in USDC or in local currency under 24 hours.


Global access

We support local payment methods across over 50 markets around the world.

50+ markets

Founded in 2022 and headquartered in London, we are a global team spread across 4 continents.

  • London, England

  • New York, United States

  • Lagos, Nigeria

  • Munich, Germany

  • Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Mexico City, Mexico

Meet the A-team

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Backed by some of the best investors and innovators in the industry.

Partnered with trusted companies worldwide leading the payments revolution.

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