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Global money movement, redefined. Transfer funds without borders, in seconds, with near zero-fees.

International transfers at the tip of your fingers. Move funds across borders using local payment methods

Pay anyone, anywhere. Send USDc or EURc* instantly or transfer funds locally across 50+ countries.

Global-local coverage

Send money to 50+ countries using your local payment methods, and let the recipient receive the funds in theirs.

Built with Emerging economies in mind

A lot of our effort is put towards bringing the seamless experience of cross-border payments to businesses and individuals in emerging markets.

Smooth USDc and EURc top-ups

Top up your balances directly from your bank account, mobile money or crypto wallets to start sending money.

*USDc and EURc are digital tokens that represent the US dollar and the Euro on the blockchain. They make it easy to move and trade these currencies electronically, offering the benefits of cryptocurrencies such as speed and security, while maintaining the stability and value of real-world money.

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Bank accounts

Send money straight to a bank account with minimal costs. Ideal for large, one-off transactions for your business.

Crypto wallets

Transfer funds on-chain through public networks and ensure maximum security and transparency.

Mobile money & digital wallets

Pay faster through alternative payment method like mobile money accounts.

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  • SEPA Instant
  • Faster Payments
  • ACH / Wire
  • FedNow
    Coming 2024
  • NIP
  • PIX
    Coming Q1 2024
  • SPEI
    Coming Q1 2024
  • FPS
    Hong Kong
    Coming Q1 2024
  • Local bank wires
  • Polygon
  • Ethereum
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
  • Base
  • BNB Smart Chain
    Coming Q1 2024
  • Binance pay
    Coming Q1 2024
  • Starknet
    Coming Q2 2024
  • zkSync
    Coming Q2 2024
  • Mobile money
    Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Rwanda, Cameroon, Zambia
  • Venmo
    Coming 2024
  • Cash App
    Coming 2024
  • GrabPay
    Coming 2024

    International transfers for businesses of the future.

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      Global B2B payments
      Pay international suppliers instantly and optimise your cash flow.
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      Borderless treasury
      Freely reallocate capital to and from emerging markets without eating into your profits.
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      International payroll
      Let your nomad employees get paid in their local currency and in their preferred wallet or account.

    All your transactions in one place. Never lose track of your finances again.

    Manage your transfers with ease

    History, transaction details and filtered views all in a single intuitive interface

    Everything international money transfers should be.

    Pay less for international transfers

    Slash international transfer fees by 5-10x compared to traditional wires.

    5-10x cheaper

    Unlock real-time payments

    Settle your payments in USDc instantly, or in your local currency within 24 hours


    Fair FX rates, always

    Access the most competitive exchange rates - say bye to unreasonable margins and spreads


    Your Money Will Love It