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Borderless multi-currency accounts. Send, receive, hold and exchange digital currencies anytime, anywhere.

Discover truly global digital accounts and take full control of your finances

Manage digital currencies from anywhere. Access to USDc, EURc* and more with no intermediaries.

Non-custodial accounts

Full access to your money should be a basic right. Maintain complete ownership of your funds and enjoy peace of mind.

For businesses and individuals alike

Whether you’re opening an account for yourself or for your business, we’ve got you covered.

Available virtually everywhere (yes, really)

Our cryptocurrency services are open to anyone, anywhere**. Open your account in under 2 minutes today.

*USDc and EURc are digital tokens that represent the US dollar and the Euro on the blockchain. They make it easy to move and trade these currencies electronically, offering the benefits of cryptocurrencies such as speed and security, while maintaining the stability and value of real-world money.

**Excluding certain sanctioned countries and territories.

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Add money with fiat

Bank transfers, mobile money and more in 50+ countries

Or deposit stablecoins directly

...from any wallet or exchange

Exchange digital currencies at the real mid-market rates. No more rip-off margins.

Currently supporting

USD Coin (USDc)

Euro Coin (EURc)

Tether (USDt)


and more coming soon!

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Let your money work for you. Earn interest by putting your funds into Smart Vaults.

High-yield savings, simplified

Maximise your money with exposure to digital tokens backed by real-world government assets.

Withdraw instantly, any time

Grow your money without commitment or penalty fees.


Services are offered by our trusted and regulated partners. Returns are not guaranteed and your capital can be at risk. Rates are variable and based on running 7-day performance.

Getting an international account has never been easier. Activate your account online in minutes.

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    Sign Up to Due Platform
    Register via email or by simply connecting an external wallet.
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    Create your Vault or connect an existing wallet
    Create your wallet in a few clicks secured by your biometrics, or just connect your external wallet.
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    Verify your account
    Get fully onboarded to enable bank payments and more.

Your Money Will Love It